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PSCORE [Non-Profit and NGO] – Seoul, South Korea

Attached are several videos I created as an intern with PSCORE. The series is titled ‘People of PSCORE’ which highlights interns from the organization. Each reel was created with Canva and utilizes existing trends found on Instagram along with trending audio in order to increase engagement, discoverability and following on Instagram. The social media copy attached to every reel is a list of questions which asks about each intern’s experience working at PSCORE. Because PSCORE relies heavily on interns in its organization, these questions and dynamic videos are vital to connecting with potential future interns.

Note: PSCORE is an NGO and non-profit organization in Seoul, South Korea which focuses on improving North Korean human rights.

YouTube Shorts

Fast Fashion Pollution

An eco-awareness outreach campaign created for Instagram, highlighting statistics and information from in order to raise awareness on fast fashion’s negative impacts on the environment.

Gender Equality in Afghanistan

A human rights outreach campaign created for Instagram highlighting information from Human Rights Watch in order to raise awareness on the human rights violations happening in Afghanistan. The design is aesthetically pleasing in order to increase engagement and the information is put together to be digestible for the average viewer on Instagram.

#MangrovesDay Awareness

A climate awareness outreach campaign created for Instagram, centered around the importance of Mangroves to the environment and the fight against the climate crisis. All information was sourced from UN Climate Change. Each slide was made to be unique but cohesive with the overall theme, so as to keep the audience’s attention longer and to entice more engagement.

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